Monday, November 24, 2008

the power of artistic reference

(or was it just the magic of art?)
when i saw the sky tonight, i couldn't help thinking of mark rothko

Friday, November 21, 2008

rainbow buddy* & the 5.lites of the Great T.

As the sun dove into the great Ocean Pacific yesterday, Miksang (Tibetan for "good eYe", photographer friends, please check the link!) came up. And so did "Five Lights of the Great Transference...", from the supplication** for the longevity of Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche.

("rainbow buddy .20", click pic for more prismatic buddies)




*"rainbow buddy" is dedicated to Michael Kennedy, who gave me this lovely prism at Karme Choling, VT in 2005, and to the Sakyong, whose birthday was on Nov. 15th!

**more on the supplication text itself here.

Thursday, November 20, 2008 // freedom suite

many of you good folks could care less that I was again walking around picking wood on this fine day - who could blame you? certainly not me. and so life goes on. who even remembers our good pal, walter c. breeze? he's only gone tomorrow and here today (but not in Bo.).

this time, a series of "woodpicker" songs came up - involving a barking dog or two. I proceeded to record them in my cel which crashed when it ran out of space.

freedom suite is an album by Sonny Rollins.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

whatever u do - dontchya worry!

i was down on cherry road after catching the sunset and looking for logs for my fire. a spontaneous yogic song came up (just after meeting dexter, the dog, whose back i scratched with a log). here goes:

i call my dog "dude"
i call him that way
because today
i went out looking for dog names
and "dude"
is what came up

'course, you gotta put music to the words (which i did for better or, probably, worse), kinda like a Khenpo Rinpoche song. maybe a dexter gordon tune.

on my way back, holding my logs, and now my mail (a kaiser letter), i tried to get a picture of dex - with my letter, as if the mail was his. then i realized his owner had been sitting right there all the time while i was talking some vague nonesense to dex and singing my stupid song. evelyn's her name.

(dexter got kaiser junk mail & was so happy about it, 't was hard to get him to sit still - "sit", i ordered, hoping he'd get into vajra posture)

today is "save the air day" 'round here. ha! talk on my road from nancy and dolores is: "will we light fires tonight so we don't freeze to death?". same dilemma as the commuter pondering bart or the oil leeking suv.

maybe we could have a big collective fire, i suggested.

3pm - waiting for Walter C. Breeze

The Walter C. Breeze project calls for an explanation. And, as such, it becomes a project - simply by attempting definition. Until then, it's just another name in the wind.

Walter Breeze appeared in the vast expanse between my earlobes last night. Looking at a Groove Salad playlist, I came upon a song titled "Water Breeze" but my mind saw "Walter Breeze". Interesting name. Right under that song was another, by Canadian artist Dino Pacifici. Facebook status - "Keith is still awake, in the memoirs of Dino Pacific and Walter Breeze".

Today, Dino left the expanse, or so it seemed. Quietly. It seems he rolled down the hill with the engine off so as not to wake anyone up. But now Walter C. Breeze (Sea Breeze) lingers on, at least until 3 pm when we are to meet, for the first time, at my house for afternoon tea.

(while-u -wait: these just in, click above - Bolinas Lagoon)

*connection to the Pacific frontier.

Monday, November 3, 2008

100 Florida moods

Looks like I may be leaving Bolinas in the next month or so... depending on, well, whether it's time to or not...

In the meantime another coastal exploration is up - Florida: Miami to Key West. I flew out there in October with Laurent - a web guy and creator of 50i50. Free airfare and hotels.

The +100 funny faces (click on the one above for the nindynine) that came up as we drove from Key West to Miami for the return flight show the strange tropical mood we ended up in.

!!!ya vote!!!